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Marilene Pavan: My Experience at SLAS 2017

More than 5000 people, including myself, participated in SLAS 2017 (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening). The event was held in Washington D.C. this year and its scale and diversity in exhibitors provided truly valuable information about opportunities, new products, and education to learners interested in high level science technology.

Some of the main events and site included a huge exhibition, poster sessions, intriguing research talks, and other networking events. Needless to say, participants definitely received fundamental resources to advance their own research by increasing productivity and refining experimental data quality, enabling new experimentation, and finding potential solutions. In general, these resources essentially helped solve challenges that a laboratory could potentially be struggling with. With that said, I would highly recommend attending SLAS next February in San Diego if you are considering new equipment for your lab, want to learn more from similar organizations, or simply expand your network of professional contacts.

The participation of Boston University's CIDAR Lab was an important step towards gauging our automation projects for 2017. In particular, one of our largest projects include the launch of a new, fully automated synthetic biology facility (BIIS - Biofoundry Integrated Instrumentation System). The BIIS will be housed in the newly developed Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering (CILSE) at Boston University and will directly serve at least 11 PI's from the institution, enabling human health applications to be investigated more easily, cheaply, and quickly. It is a very exciting time to be in synthetic biology!

Mary Pavan (@MaryPavan) is a passionate synthetic biology researcher, working at CIDAR lab as Lab Manager.

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