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BU Student Spotlight: Tiffany Wu

BU Class of 2018

Major: Biomedical and Computer Engineering

Hometown: St. Charles, IL

Tiffany Wu, a junior at Boston University’s Class of 2018, started working with Prof. Swapnil Bhatia as an NSF Living Computing Project UROP Fellow this past summer through Boston University's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. Her work is at the confluence of computer science and biology and involves building software tools and systems to enable better biological design for synthetic biology. She is currently focusing on a new model of computation using gene drives.

As a young child, she had always dreamed about becoming a doctor. After going to a summer camp that had kids explore the life as a doctor, she realized that this was not the career path for her but was still interested in biology and medicine. Biomedical engineering seemed like the logical choice for her to pursue, matching up to her career aspirations. Computer engineering, though, was something that she came across her freshmen year at BU. All students are required to take a computation class. After taking the class and exploring the field a bit by taking some additional college classes, she realized that this was something she had a passion for and wanted to pursue. She is interested in synthetic biology because it is a new and upcoming field that is at the crossroads of her two career interests.

Outside of school, her passions include volunteering and traveling. She is currently an active member of Global App Initiative, a club that creates apps for nonprofit organizations, and Student Volunteers for Special Needs (SVSN), a club that helps out with the local special needs community, with a special focus on kids. She tries to devote a part of her free time to volunteering by finding events and participating in them with her friends.

Last Spring, she also studied abroad in Madrid, Spain for a semester. She loves traveling to learn about the art and culture of various places and was able to travel to much of Europe while abroad. Her favorite place that she has been to is Florence, Italy because of its rich art history, unique traditions, and gelato. This winter break, she will also be visiting family in Taiwan and exploring Japan and South Korea. After graduation, she is hoping to join the Peace Corps for two years as a volunteer, hopefully in Africa. Afterwards, she hopes to go to graduate school and potentially continue researching about synthetic biology.

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