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CIDAR Student Spotlight: David Tran

Class of 2017

Major: Computer Engineering

Hometown: Boston

David Tran, a rising senior at Boston University, describes his multiple major changes as a travel through “whatever I thought was the most fun.” He majored in mechanical engineering because he enjoys making physical things. Then, he switched to electrical engineering because he likes making circuits. He says he finally settled on computer engineering because he got really into video game development and programming with friends.

Outside of school, David teaches at Brandeis’ virtual reality club. The club is centered around making games, and David teaches programming with a friend who teaches modeling and animating.

“It’s a completely new experience, being a part of it and having a team to develop with,” he says of being a part of the club.

When he’s not in front of a computer, David also likes to spend his free time playing board games with friends.

CIDAR interested David because its synthetic biology context made it seem more organic and and different compared to typical interning and generic web programming jobs.

“I am looking forward to learning a lot,” he says. “Which I already am.”

In the future, David hopes that he will be developing for a cool virtual experience. He sees himself continuing to play video games and enjoying more of what he is already doing.

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