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iGem Student Spotlight: Priya

Class of: 2018

Major: Computer Engineering

Hometown: Zambia

Priya Kapadia, a rising junior at BU, grew up surrounded by her brother and cousins who were constantly building things and playing with science kits. Though she says she says her brother zapped her many times with his homemade taser gun, this did not deter her from her own interest in science and engineering (thankfully, it was low powered!).

When she first entered BU, Priya was a biomedical engineering major because she enjoyed learning about biology. However, after taking a class in electric controls she switched to computer engineering and was happy when she realized she could still use biology in her new major.

During her freshman year, she was part of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Club, where she helped build a drone. The UAV Club, Priya says, is the best club at BU, and it was in this club that she found a great mentor. However, it was too much of a time commitment, and she was unable to continue with it. Also, she adds, there were too many guys and not enough girls.

Outside of her interests in science, Priya is also involved with the Hindu Student Council, which organizes the popular Holi celebration each year.

She first became interested in iGem in her Intro to Software Engineering class where Professor Densmore shared his research with the students. She talked to him and saw that iGem matched her interests in applying biology to computer engineering.

This summer with iGem, Priya hopes to make something that is worthwhile and will make a mark on the project as a whole.

“We are all contributing lots of bits and pieces, and to be a part of that is the most exciting part,” she says of her iGem team. “We are all really friendly and open, and that creates a great environment to work in. A strong team helps.”

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