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iGem Student Spotlight: Jeffrey Marano

Class of 2018

Brewster, NY

Major: Biomedical Engineering

A rising junior at Boston University, Jeffrey Marano has been interested in science from a very young age. As a child, he was a huge reader, and stories like R.L. Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fascinated him. His grandfather, a nuclear physicist, also inspired him to pursue his passion for science.

Jeffrey’s other role models in the field include Alan Turing, Marie Curie and, in general, scientists who didn’t fit the prescribed social mold, and who valued science more than how people perceived them.

“What matters more on a global scale is what you produce, not what other people think of you,” Jeffrey said.

Throughout high school, Jeffrey was a tutor for students with ADHD and autism, and now he hopes to one day become a professor, after spending some time working with endemic diseases in Asia or Africa.

Jeffrey was first introduced to iGem though his work with Wilson Wong, with whom he did work on genetic logic circuits. So far, he said iGem has been great for working in a team environment, and he is eager to get in the lab and start working.

“I haven’t blown anything up in the lab yet,” he said of his experience thus far in BU’s engineering program, noting that he considers this a major success.

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